Success - Cali

For me, like everyone else, a successful adoption is not just about placing a puppy or dog in a home.  It is about finding the perfect home for the dog I am fostering and finding the perfect dog for the family interested in adopting.   I have had the blessing of being a part of several successful adoptions this year.

One puppy in particular comes to mind though.  I called her Mabel but she has a new family and a new name to go with it.  Her name is Cali.  When we brought Cali home from the shelter she was just a tiny thing, afraid of other dogs and us.  Cali stayed with us about a month, on her way to her forever home and steadily made progress in her socialization.

I had received interest on Cali from a Petfinder inquiry and made plans to make a home visit.  I knew, as soon as Cali’s Mom opened the door and said “Oh, Come here mami” that this was the family for her.  What she didn’t know was this is exactly what I said to Cali in my home all the time.  The only obstacle was going to be Cali’s new fur brother, a happy boy, but Cali had a hard time meeting new dogs and the first meeting was a little rocky but not too bad.  You would never know this little girl was afraid of her new brother.  They are best buddies now!

Cali’s new family loves her so much and I could tell she was going to be a little “princess” in their new home.  I am so happy to say, after about one hour of her going home, I received a picture that warmed my heart!  Cali and her new brother Bruno laying in the grass with her feet on his – a small miracle given her beginning.  Success is placing this little girl in a home where she will be loved forever.  Success is placing this little girl in a home she loves and feels safe and happy. Thank you to the Longoria family for giving this special little one a forever home! - By Terri Cousins

Resized Cali Bruno.jpg