Sometimes we have to say good bye

It is with a heavy heart that we said good bye to our permanent foster Dominick.  He was badly neglected when he came to our rescue and his sweet foster Mom thought he could recover and find a forever home.  But sadly, his stay with her would be a hospice stay.  Thank you Amber, we love you and rest in peace Dominick, you were a good boy, deserving of so much more!  Here is a little peek into her heart and life with Dominick and be sure to scroll through the pictures and see just how happy he was in his foster home. 

Very sad day...I had to finally come to terms and say goodbye to one of my permanent fosters. This was Dominick or "bubs". He came to me in bad condition from the shelter. So bad he was immediately released to rescue for medical. He was my first really bad case. I was horrified. We werent sure if he was ever going to be adoptable. He was blind, had severe heart worms, and had a severe heart murmur. I could tell he had had a life full of neglect. Being blind, he found his way around my house fine and LOVED to play fetch and LOVED balls! He was super sweet and I could tell he was very grateful that I made him as healthy as I could again and he was happy. As sad as it was to see him initially and and sad as it was to say goodbye to him today, Im still glad I could make his last year+ probably the best of his life. Makes me very proud, even though not the most ideal situation. I believe God gives us all special gifts and we should use them. This is mine. God bless you Dominick. You can finally now rest in peace. We will miss you