From Foster Pup to Military Service

This handsome fellow was barely 6 pounds when he joined us about a month ago. Even if you don’t believe in love at first sight, you’d have fallen for this guys expressive brown eyes and constantly wagging tail. As soon as we saw him bound around the backyard, it was clear he’d be named Bouncer. A blue heeler mix originally taken in by the Waco shelter, Bouncer, found his forever home on Thursday, October 19, 2017 and it’s unlike any forever home APAC has previously assisted with. Bouncer’s new home has 26 adults, 31 horses, 3 mules and 1 soon-to-be-retiring mascot dog, Buddy.
Approving adoption applications for our foster pets is a family affair, which our 2 daughters take very seriously. When they read that he’d have a full staff of vets to care for him and he’d also have human contact 24 hours a day, they gave an enthusiastic “yes” vote for Bouncer to be the Mascot-in-training for Ft. Hood’s 1st Calvary Division, Horse Detachment Calvary (HDC). He will learn to be at home with the horses, to ride in the wagon and just be friendly to visitors. He will travel the country to perform with the HDC’s mounted demonstrations. As I looked over my shoulder as I was leaving and saw him happily licking and wagging himself through that day’s visitors, I knew he was right where he was meant to be. We can’t wait to visit him in the following months and beyond to see all of his potential developing.

Mounted Horse Detachment Demonstrations and Barn Tours are conducted every Thursday at 10:00am at the barn area behind the Visitor Center on TJ Mills Road, Ft. Hood.  - by Tricia Richner