Foster Miracles

I take great pleasure in Introducing our newest foster CoraBel. Actually, Cora has been with APAC for quite some time. She actually came into APAC on 6/24. Our friends in Waco sent an urgent request about her as she had Parvovirus and an aggressive case of Hook Worms. She spent several days at our vet, Animal Medical Care. On 6/26 we almost lost her but Dr. K. saved her with a blood transfusion.

She came to our house on 6/28 and has slowly made progress, gaining weight and strength. As of 7/23 after lots of meds, several more rounds of de-wormer she is clear of all issues.

We do need to thank our friends who have donated for CoraBels’ vet cost. Cora is now healthy, and has started to join her foster brothers on morning walks.

Cora will be ready for adoption the first weekend of August. However, it is quite likely that she will be what we term a “Foster Failure” (foster that is adopted by their foster people and dogs).

CoraBel is 100% kennel trained but does not go to kennel on command. She is about 80% house trained (but still has some issues on #1). She is Bulldog mix so will need harness for walking to prevent breathing issues and she does snore. She is not completely leash trained as she had a late start but we expect great improvement in the next weeks. She does come and sit on command. She gets on well with her foster brothers and all people she has met.

I have included a couple of pictures of her initial state, to emphasize the miracle that is CoraBel.

Many times being involved with rescue is quite heartbreaking but at other times we get to see the enormous blessings as well. This is one of those times.